Board Positions​

We are currently in the processing of restructuring our Board, but you can find the positions from the 2019-2020 year below!


The responsibilities of the Chair of the board are very overarching and extremely involved.  The Chair runs meetings, organizes and coordinates the different responsibilities and subsections of the board, forms the semester’s calendar, and does whatever else needs to be done!


The Diversaturg researches topics of personal, community, and social identity that are relevant to SotG’s current productions. They work with all involved to make sure productions are inclusive and accessible.  The Diversaturg plays a very present role in auditions, casting, and ensuring all voices are equally represented during a show process. The Diversaturg is also responsible for ensuring the board is meeting its goals of inclusivity, representation, equal opportunity, etc.

Vice Chair

The Vice Chair supports the Chair in various endeavors (running meetings, coordinating, picking up slack, etc.), creates and advocates for the semesters’ calendar, and shares responsibilities with the chair.  The Vice Chair also steps in as leader if the chair is not present..

Publicity Chair(s)

The publicity chair is mainly in charge of running the SotG facebook and sending out listserv emails notifying the community of SotG related things. Responsibilities also include creating cover photos for SotG events, posting promo pictures for shows, sending events to morning mail and BearSync, and making sure SotG events are being publicized to the Brown community.  


The secretary is in charge of taking notes/minutes at board meetings, reserving rooms, and overall communication with the board.  The secretary keeps track of attendance at meetings and making sure all board members are completing their necessary responsibilities.

Director of Outreach

The director of outreach is responsible for ensuring SotG stays involved with both the Brown community and the greater Providence area by organizing workshops, readings, classes, etc.  They are also responsible for collecting information on how SotG productions and events are functioning in the community, through feedback forms and data collection. In addition, they reach out to SotG alumni to form an alumni newsletter once a semester.  

Events Chair

The events chair is responsible for planning and running all SotG events including activity fairs, mingles, Shakespeare’s birthday, screenings, fundraising activities, board bonding, etc.  The events chair also works with the secretary to book spaces and make sure all events run smoothly.

Tech Director (DiTechtor)

The responsibilities of the DiTechtor are to maintain the storage space, and keep track of things returning to the space after shows, as well as handling all loans to other groups (utilizing our loaning contracts when necessary). They also act as an archivist, keeping track of old shows, programs, and institutional memory.  

Director Liaison

The director liaison guides proposing directors in writing proposals, provides resources and feedback, helps passed directors in auditions and the beginning of the process, does some dramaturgical work, etc.

Financial Chair

The financial chair is generally in charge of all things money related.  They create the budget, work with UFB and SAO, help secure rights for productions, are in charge of all forms of reimbursement, and make sure show budgets are being correctly followed.