Do something for the first time or the thousandth time. See what's coming up.


Auditions happen on a show-by-show basis throughout the school year. No experience is required and there is no need to prepare material for any of our audition processes. Sides are provided at the door. 

Audition for full length productions, for one-day commitment plays, for staged readings, for the role with the most stage combat, anything.

More about auditioning with SotG and at Brown.


You can direct anything from your vision of As You Like It in a campus garden to an original play in a dorm lounge. You can direct full length plays, just one Shakespeare scene, something you wrote, anything. There are three opportunities a year to direct full length shows with SotG and tons of opportunities to direct smaller scale projects. 

Apply by submitting a proposal for upcoming performance slots.

See what proposals look like here.


Design the set, lighting, sound, or props for a show. SotG is happy to find assistant designers for anyone who wants help completing their design vision for a show, or for anyone who wants an experienced peer helping them learn the ropes. Design for a full-length production by getting in contact with proposing directors, or design for a festival!


Stage manage, help out with lights, help out with sound, be an Assistant Stage Manager, find props and make cues for scenes festivals and more. Tech in a lowkey way with SotG for festivals, or contact folks who are looking to direct with SotG and are assembling a full production team!


SotG may like words by that one old dead English guy but we also value words by you, in your voice, telling stories you care about. Put up your own plays with us through either the full length show proposal process (see Directing) or write short pieces for the festivals of scenes. Not every script performed with SotG has to be Elizabethan, it just has to be something you care about.

Examples of proposals here.


The Shakespeare on the Green board itself exists to help facilitate and bring together those looking to make Shakespearean and other kinds of theatre at Brown. Producing can mean communicating with current directors, coordinating scenes festivals, conducting safe and healthy rehearsal environments, and things like overseeing SotG's budget.

Apply to the Shakespeare on the Green board.