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Circle Mirror Transformation

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2016-2017 Academic Year

The First Biannual 24 Hour Plays

Sep. 2016


Executive Producers

J.D. Laurence-Chasen '17

Allie Doyle '18


Star Love

by Tristen Moseley '18

directed by Grant MacFaddin '19

Nicole's Play

by Nicole Martinez '18

directed by Shade Au '19


A Fair Trade

by Sam Crausman '19

directed by Emma Radmilovic '18 

A Rough Spot

by Andrew Giurleo '19

directed by Anthony Cherry '18.5


by Ali Murray '18

directed by someone


Oct. 2016

directed by Elizabeth Mogayzel '18

Assistant Director - Grant MacFaddin '19

Stage Manager - Haley Clark '18

Executive Producers

Claudia Jones '18

Nicole Martinez '18

Will Conard '19 as Hamlet

Anna Stacy '17 as Ophelia

Elizabeth Hampson '18 as Horatio

Shade Au '19 as Laertes

J.D. Laurence-Chasen '17 as Claudius

Erin Malimban '19 as Gertrude

Anthony DeRita '18 as Polonius

Rude Mechanicals VII: Et tu, Blueno?!

Nov. 2016

Executive Producers

Grant MacFaddin '19

Shade Au '19

Twelfth Night (II.v)

directed by Emma Radmilovic

King Lear (I.i) 

directed by Harrison Epstein

Julius Caesar (I.ii) 

directed by Jimmy Damore

Henry IV Part I (II.iv) 

directed by Allison Rosenbaum

Henry V (IV.i/iii) 

directed by Stephen Cone

The Art of Dining by Tina Howe

Feb. 2017

directed by Paul Martino '18

Executive Producers


Ani Mack '17

Liesl Jaeger '18

Ali Murray '18

Kristina Belyakova '19

Talia Brenner '19

Sam Crausman '19

Judson Ellis '19

Ben Morris '20

Haley Wong '20

The Second Biannual 24 Hour Plays

Mar. 2017


Executive Producers

J.D. Laurence-Chasen '17

Shade Au '19


The Same Place

by Erin Malimban '19

directed by Ari Davey '19

Skull Baby

by Kathy Ng '17

directed by Nate Sorscher '19.5

assistant directed by Kristina Belyakova '19

The West Wind Blows

by Caroline Mulligan '20

directed by Talia Dutton '18

Seals are People Too

by Tanner Laguatan '18

directed by Nick Conroy '20

Polite Mechanicals

by Ali Murray '18

directed by Caroline Sprague '20.5

Bent Bedroom Vignettes

Apr. 2017

choreographed, directed by Brian Solomon '19

assistant directed by Siena Rafter '20

Executive Producers

Andrew Giurleo '19


Nikki Lee '18

Josh Cabello '19

Oren Karp '20

Katrina Jacinto '20

Kai Barshack '20

Lauren Yamaguchi

Present Mirth

May 2017

written and directed by Ali Murray '18

Co-director - Madeleine Slater '19

Stage Manager - Allie Doyle '18

Executive Producers

Shade Au '19


Nkosi KJ '17

Kristina Belyakova '19

Andrew Giurleo '19

Charlie Stewart '20

Katrina Jacinto '20

2015-2016 Academic Year

Comfort and Despair

Sep. 2015

devised piece directed by Luke Denton '18

Shakesqueer Scenes Festival

Apr. 2016

Music of the Night

Feb. 2016

directed by Solomon Goldstein-Rose '16


Apr. 2016

directed by Nate Sorscher '20

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

May 2016

directed by Ada Dolan-Zalaznick '17

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